Roman is one of the easiest people to work with, as his entire focus is to help his clients. He is very thorough and immediately ready to explain anything that you have a question about, both during and after your inspection. He is also very collaborative with your real estate agent, if anything called out after your inspection needs clarification.

Roman is the best pre-purchase value you will make in deciding which home you will buy. Avoid the money pits and the hidden problems someone is trying to unload on you.

In my second to last inspection with Roman, he discovered a discrepancy with the circuit breaker panels (2 in this house) which he called out. When a licensed electrician was requested to come, the sellers refused to allow a licensed electrician to come and inspect the circuit panels and the seller quickly rescinded the deal. 

Obviously, Roman had found something nasty.

Eric Q

I've ordered an inspection with Roman twice and am very pleased with his work. He is professional and thorough in doing his report. At the end of the inspection, I like how he walks through the report with my clients so they are aware of what's going on, provide suggestion and is available via phone/email even after the inspection should you have any questions. I would highly recommend Roman! Thank you!

Sadie R

When purchasing my home in July of 2018, my realtor recommended Roman Kotelevskiy as the home inspector.

Roman was very patient and thorough throughout the process, with reasonable prices to boot.  He stayed objective and informative with accessible information throughout the inspection and left no stone unturned.  

Roman even provided a video of the sewer scope that was done and a detailed inspection report.  He encouraged me to email him if I had any questions and was very prompt with all replies to my questions.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.

Joe C

Roman was able to accommodate me and get my inspections done in a timely matter.  He is very detailed in his inspections and you will get your money worth for his services. I would strongly recommend him for all of your inspection needs.

Sleveck M

North West Home Inspections are a great company to use when doing a home inspection!! I loved working with Roman because he does a professional and thorough job with the inspection and communication between client and agent! I recommend using North West Home Inspections to anyone.

Oksana K

Roman recently inspected our home. The home is in like new condition but this did not stop him from doing a very detailed inspection.He did find a few issues that needed to be fixed, things I would never thought of looking for.The inspection report was very detailed and we received it the next day.  He is very professional and I would highly recommend him.

Chris L

What a nice man! Professional, attentive and thorough in his work! Roman was amenable to coming on a Sunday, since it is the only day possible for us to meet. The NEXT day my report was delivered via email with pictures, explanations and suggestions! Just fabulous! I was also free to ask any questions during the inspection, and watched how detailed it was in person. Bought many houses before, but never has this level of customer service! Eric Q. Our realtor, also attended the inspection and both were early and well prepared. Thanks Roman...recommended highly!

Aley M

Our recent home inspection was with Roman, he was amazing. He thoroughly inspected our new property giving us a detailed report. I know that's what is expected but then went above and beyond by calling us to explain his notes. He then gave us his overall thoughts and impressions. He answered all our questions and he even said if we had any other questions we could email or call him. Overall I'm so impressed. This is my second home purchase but I never got service like this from anyone else. Roman and North West Home Inspections is what customer service everywhere should strive to be.

Marlene B

Roman was great, was highly recommended by our realtor Tammy Wise. Roman made the process easy. He's thorough and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to knowing what to look for due to his experience in construction. Thanks for all your help. 

Josh S

We had an inspection with Roman in Everett and went very well.
He did the inspection very detailed with photos and videos, explained to us everything and gave us the complete report.
We are very satisfied.
Thank you Roman, North West Home Inspection.

Amelia S

I recently ordered an inspection with Roman for a home in Arlington and not only did he come early he also agreed to do the inspection within 3 hours after my phone call, so if you need a quality inspection done the same day Romans your man!

My clients are in California so I absolutely needed an inspection done today, and thanks to Roman the home is now inspected and my clients are happy. 10/10 highly recommend.

Aleksey A


As a Home Inspection Service, I’m involved with some of the biggest decisions in the lives of my clients. I work hard for each and every one of them, making sure they get the best home inspection services and advice possible and doing so with honesty, integrity, and respect. Read below to find out what some of my clients have to say about working with me. 

-Inspector Roman

Roman has worked on two home inspections for me, both of which I was very pleased with his work. The first one was a very last minute one, yet he was able to accommodate to our needs and he made the time to go and inspect the home for us. Roman is very thorough with his work, he made sure we understood everything he was talking about, he always asked if we had questions. I like that he points out good things and bad things as well, and he says whether they meet his expectations and how things should look for a perfect inspection. Roman is passionate about his work and he is very knowledgeable, which makes him very credible. I recommend him 100 percent! If I ever need another inspection, I'll make sure to call him!

Eli B

Our home inspection today was a tremendous value. I may be a fair hand at home repair but I would not have found nearly as much as Roman found, nor understood the home's condition as well as I do now.  He took the time to walk me around both the interior and exterior, pointing out his findings, explaining them in detail and answering my many questions. We received a written, 27-page report the same day as the inspection. We now feel all the more confident about our home buying decision. Roman was a pleasure to work with. North West Home Inspections is rock solid and highly recommended.

Dan B.

Roman was extremely helpful and professional. He was punctual, knowledgeable, and very respectful of our time and the property. He went into detail on many of the repairs that need to be done on our property and had a great wealth of suggestions for repairs. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is seeking home inspection in the area.

Michael M.

Roman is the very knowledgeable in inspection, who knows what he's doing. It's very helpful to use inspector like him before purchasing the house. Roman point to me all the defects that need to be fixed inside and outside the house and also recommended to me what's need to be done before purchasing the house.

Vitaliy K.

I had a chance to work with Roman on one of my transactions where he did an inspection of the house for my clients.  I was very pleased with work Roman did and attention to the detail. He is very familiar with the process and was able to explain everything to my buyers. Roman answered all the questions my clients and listing agent had.  The home inspection report was very clean and easy to understand.  I will definitely use Roman in the future. If you're looking for a home inspector look no more, give Roman a call.

Andrey K.

I needed an inspection on a desired home that was being reviewed the next day. I needed a pre-inspection done asap! It was last minute but I called Roman from a recommendation from a colleague and after I explained my situation he shifted his busy schedule to come out early morning to conduct a full inspection for me and my buyers. He was very thorough and kept my clients informed as he was doing the inspection. He never scared them over small issues and explained easy solutions for the problems that were found. He was a life saver and a deal saver in my case. I would highly recommend him for any home inspection.

Erik G.

Roman was very professional and through. He really took his time to go over every part of the inspection for me to pass on to my clients in another state. He also gave recommendations for items to be repaired. My clients were pleased with how easy his report was to read and understand. I will definitely use his company is the future.

Carlos C.

Roman is dependable, on time with excellent personal skills to communicate the technical findings of his inspections.  Great work!

Steve G.